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CICW Global Psalm Gallery

A crowd-sourced collection of Psalm interpretations from worshiping communities across the spectrum of Christian traditions that premiered at the 2021 Calvin Symposium on Worship.

A combination of visual art and musical settings, these 36 psalm gallery entries were submitted for use at the online Calvin Symposium on Worship. For each entry, the submitter was asked to respond to two questions:

  • How does this psalm piece interpret the psalm?
  • What are your suggestions for liturgical use? 

The entries vary in language and medium, in genre and in length. From each, there is much to be gained. 

Each entry also contains copyright information and contact information for the submitter and/or copyright holder if you wish to use their entry in another setting. 

Psalm 1: The Choice of Blessings 有福的選擇
Submitted by Yvette Lau

Psalm 8: Oh Lord, Our Lord, How Majestic
Submitted by Josh Rodriguez

Psalm 8:5–8 and 22:10: Whale Song
Submitted by Barbara Sartorius Bjelland

Psalm 9 (and others): God’s Grand Story and the Communion Cross
Submitted by Barbara Sartorius Bjelland

Psalm 9: Trust in You
Submitted by Joel Jupp

Psalm 13: How long?
Submitted by Mary Montgomery Koppel

Psalm 13: The Joyful Song of Salvation 救恩的樂歌
Submitted by Yvette Lau

Psalm 18: Mi salvador / My Savior
Submitted by Andrea Armoa

Psalm 18: Zaboor 18
Submitted by Emily R. Brink and Eric Sarwar

Psalm 19: For Baritone and Piano
Submitted by Delvyn Case

Psalm 22: From Forsaken to Hallelujah
Submitted by Ed Willmington

Psalm 23: Shepherd Me
Submitted by Josh Davis

Psalm 25: Good and Upright
Submitted by Chuck Colson and Andy Zipf

Psalm 36: The Light of Grace
Submitted by Imanol Mino 

Psalm 37: Acrostic
Submitted by Greg Scheer

Psalm 42 - 43: Hope in God
Submitted by Travis Ham

Psalm 51: Have Mercy, Lord
Submitted by David Kai

Psalm 51: Mercy, Lord
Submitted by Allison Dean

Psalm 57: Awake Up, My Glory
Submitted by Sungji Hong

Psalm 71: I Will Always Have Hope
Submitted by Ken Michell

Psalm 85: Grant Us Your Peace, Lord
Submitted by Yongjiang Zhou

Psalm 89:1–18: Bless the Lord Forever, Amen
Submitted by Ken Michell

Psalm 90:1 –2: From Everlasting to Everlasting
Submitted by Regina Jupp

Psalm 95: Vengan, cantemos al Señor / Come, Let Us Sing to the Lord
Submitted by Gerardo Oberman

Psalm 104: Meditation No.1: Sustenance and Praise
Submitted by Heather Niemi Savage

Psalm 117: Praise the Lord, All Nations
Submitted by Mary Rose Jensen

Psalm 117: Praise the Lord, All You Nations
Submitted by Paul Neeley

Psalm 124: Nuestra ayuda / Our Help
Submitted by Gerardo Oberman

Psalm 131: Be Quiet, My Soul
Submitted by Josh Davis

Psalm 137: So Far from Home
Submitted by Greg Scheer

Psalm 145: Mighty Are You, Lord
Submitted by Paul Neeley and Josh Davis

Psalm 146: A Setting for Organ
Submitted by Larry Visser

Psalm 148: Let All the Heavens
Submitted by Ed Willmington

Psalm 148: Praise the LORD
Submitted by Tatev Amiryan

Psalm 150: Psalm 150 for Unaccompanied Flute
Submitted by Delvyn Case