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CICW Global Psalm Gallery

A crowd-sourced collection of Psalm interpretations from worshiping communities across the spectrum of Christian traditions that will premier at the 2021 Calvin Symposium on Worship.

The Calvin Institute of Christian Worship invites you submit a musical, artistic, or sermonic interpretation of a Psalm appropriate for use in Christian worship.

This psalm interpretation could be in many forms. A few examples include the following:

  • Musical interpretation (video or audio preferred, accompanying pdf optional)
  • Dance video
  • Dramatic reading
  • Prayer
  • Psalm paraphrase
  • Sermon
  • Visual Art

Nominate a Psalm interpretation you love and help us see how the interpretation engages us in one or more especially compelling aspects of the Psalm text itself.

You may nominate a Psalm interpretation that you created or from another creator or creative community. You may nominate a new setting created this year or something from the distant past that compels you. 

Both the Psalm interpretation and the questions listed below will be considered part of your submission and are important to the selection process. If selected, your Psalm interpretation would appear in the on-demand content of the 2021 Calvin Symposium on Worship. You can view a sample entry on our Symposium website.

Along with the Psalm interpretation, we will ask that you answer these questions which will also be posted on our website:

  • Please provide a summary statement, following this template, about the psalm interpretation piece that you are submitting. (1-2 sentences)

Template: This setting of Psalm [Psalm number] was submitted by [your name], is written by [name], and focuses on [how the psalm interpretation piece interprets the psalm or section of the psalm].

  • How does this psalm piece interpret the psalm? Please include an explanation of how the submitted piece interprets dimensions of the text and why the piece is significant for ministry today. (200-600 words)
  • What are your suggestions for liturgical use of this psalm interpretation piece? (1-2 sentences)

You are responsible for securing (and sending documentation) of copyright permissions for the psalm interpretation or submitting a copyright-free piece. The submission is “final product” and due before October 15, 2020 at 11:59pm EST. One person may submit up to two psalm interpretation pieces.

A diverse panel of colleagues will be selecting submissions for inclusion in the gallery. This is not designed to be a contest with judges, but rather a meaningful way to share the gifts of the church across many different contexts. We will let you know if your submission was selected by December 15, 2020.

Submit your Psalm interpretation.

Be prepared to upload the following:

  • PDF or image (jpg/png/gif)
  • Word doc/PDF of explanation
  • Copyright documentation (or document indicating public domain).