Staff Directory

  1.  David M. Bailey

    David M. Bailey

    Program Affiliate

  2.  Emily R.  Brink

    Emily R. Brink

    Resource Development Specialist for Congregational Song

  3.  Mark  Charles

    Mark Charles

    Program Affiliate

  4.  Dale  Cooper

    Dale Cooper

    Resource Development Specialist for Liturgical Spirituality

  5.  María  Cornou

    María Cornou

    Program Manager for International and Intercultural Learning

  6.  Cindy  De Boer

    Cindy De Boer

    Administrative Assistant

  7.  Phil  de Haan

    Phil de Haan

    Senior Public Relations Specialist

  8.  Norma  de Waal Malefyt

    Norma de Waal Malefyt

    Resource Development Specialist for Congregational Song

  9.  Lynn Barger  Elliott

    Lynn Barger Elliott

    Resource Development Specialist for Intergenerational and Youth Initiatives

  10.  Will  Groenendyk

    Will Groenendyk

    Web Programmer

  11.  Elizabeth Steele  Halstead

    Elizabeth Steele Halstead

    Program Manager for Graphic Design and Resource Development Specialist for Visual Arts

  12.  Barbara J. Newman

    Barbara J. Newman

    Program Affiliate

  13.  Cornelius  Plantinga, Jr.

    Cornelius Plantinga, Jr.

    Senior Research Fellow

  14.  Paul  Ryan

    Paul Ryan

    Resource Development Specialist for Mentoring Worship Leaders

  15.  Greg  Scheer

    Greg Scheer

    Music Associate

  16.  Kathy  Smith

    Kathy Smith

    Associate Director and Program Manager for Grants Programs

  17.  Reginald  Smith

    Reginald Smith

    Program Affiliate

  18.  Rebecca  Snippe

    Rebecca Snippe

    Program Coordinator for Music and Web Based Resources

  19.  Howard  Vanderwell

    Howard Vanderwell

    Resource Development Specialist for Pastoral Leadership

  20.  Kristen  Verhulst

    Kristen Verhulst

    Associate Director and Program Manager

  21.  Joanna  Wigboldy

    Joanna Wigboldy

    Program Manager

  22.  John D. Witvliet

    John D. Witvliet

    Director & Professor of Worship, Theology, & Congregational and Ministry Studies

  23.  Anne  Zaki

    Anne Zaki

    Program Affiliate