• MegJenistaKuykendal_KatieRitsema-Roelofs_359x359

    Worship in Politically Divided Times

    A conversation with pastors Meg Jenista Kuykendall and Katie Ritsema-Roelofs on addressing public issues in worship as essential for congregations.

  • Neal Plantinga_72

    New Book: Morning and Evening Prayers

    Cornelius Plantinga and Noel Snyder discuss developing habits of prayer and Plantinga’s book, Morning and Evening Prayers.

  • PsalmPentecostOrdTimeB

    Psalm 9:9-20

    Reflect on the psalm readings for Ordinary Time.

  • LaTonyaMcIverPennyJohnD.Witvliet_359x359

    Creating Congregations of Belonging

    An online course (July 12-30) designed to provide the framework and practical tools to shape a congregation where people of varying abilities and disabilities can participate and belong.