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Your Song Menu

Whether you are eating in or dining out, a menu is desirable. When you are ordering your songs for worship a menu is no less valuable. In this workshop we looked through various menus for songs, check our song diet, and found out how to order the best for our worship gatherings.

A song menu is a gathering of songs from which we choose what we sing. The menus available to us are as diverse as the restaurants in our local communities. Some menus provide us quick, popular, easy songs to learn like fast food restaurants. Other menus display less popular, but stable, healthy songs, like a mom and pop’s family restaurant. Still others challenge us to explore diverse or global offerings, like an ethnic restaurant serving Indian or Thai food. The challenge for song leaders is to establish a menu from the variety of menus that is on the one hand accessible and on the other hand healthy.

See the song diet evaluation sheet.

This workshop was presented at the Youth Unlimited Convention July 21-25, 2006 by Paul Ryan and Deborah Lemmen.