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Worship with Seminario Internacional Teológico Bautista in Buenos Aires, Argentina

This service takes place at Seminario Internacional Teológico Bautista in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

A worship service from the 2021 online Calvin Symposium on Worship.

Institution Name: Internacional Teológico Bautista 


Sopranos: Mercedes Mazzino, Joanna Seguel
Altos: Paula Tabernaverry, Constanza Bongarrá
Tenors: Maico H’siao, Adrián Herrera, Nicolás Tizzano
Bass: Jonatan Espínola
Samy Mielgo: Guitar, acoustic bass, bombo
Gastón Puga: Flute, bombo, cajon, and cuera de tambores
Hernán Drisner: Electric Guitar and acoustic bass
Marcelo Villanueva: guitarra de 7 cuerdas, Ronroco, and cuerda de tambores
Words of Blessing and Prayer: Tomás Mackey and Viviana Barrón
Directors: Constanza Bongarrá and Marcelo Villanueva

Location: Buenos Aires 



O Come, O Come, Emmanuel / Veni, Emanuel
Text: Psalteriolum Cantionum Catholicarum, Köln, 1710; English tr. composite; Spansih tr. vss. 1, 2, 4, 7, Federico J. Pagura, 1923-2016, © 1962; vss.
3, 6, Dimas Planas-Belfort, 1934-1992, © 2012 Editorial Avance Luterano
Music: French Processional, 15th century; arr. Constanza Bongarrá 

“Hemos venido / We’ve Come”
Text and Music: Marcelo A. Villanueva
Used by permission. 

Este es el día / This Is the Day
Text: Based on Psalm 118; Pablo D. Sosa, 1933-2019; tr. by Mary Louise Bringle, b. 1953; © 1983; tr. © 2006, 2019 GIA Publications;
Music: Pablo D. Sosa, 1933-2019 © 1983 GIA Publications, Inc.; arr. Samy Mielgo
All rights reserved. A-703303. 

Tenemos esperanza / We Have Hope
Text: Federico J. Pagura, 1923-2016, adapt. ©; tr. by Mary Louise Bringle, b. 1953, © 2012 GIA Publications, Inc.
Music: Homero R. Perera, alt. © 1983
All rights reserved. A-703303. 

Vencerá el amor
Text: Inspired by Romans 12:21; Carlos Colón, b. 1966; tr. by Greg Scheer, b. 1966
Music: Carlos Colón, b. 1966
© 2014 Birnamwood Publications, a section of MorningStar Music Publishers, Inc.
All rights reserved. A-703303. 

El cielo canta alegría / Heaven Is Singing for Joy
Text and Music: Pablo D. Sosa, 1933-2019 © 1958 GIA Publications, Inc.; arr. Gastón Puga
All rights reserved. A-703303.


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