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Worship, Forgiveness, and Reconciliation

Forgiveness and reconciliation lie at the heart of the gospel of Jesus. For Jesus, who is our peace, puts to death hostility and enmity. Still, profound hostility is still the defining feature of life for billions of people—the hostility of gunfire and persecution, the hostility of racism and fear, the hostility of family dysfunction and church disunity.

In light of both this promise and this pain, this session will probe how public worship services can both proclaim and practice the gospel of peace. Come ready to learn about worship and reconciliation in South Africa, Pakistan, Palestine, Northern Ireland, as well as in cities, suburbs, and towns across North America. We pray that we'll leave with practical ideas for next Sunday's service, but also with a perspective that transforms how we think about the daily news and pray for the global church.

Panelists include Elias Chacour (Palestine), Kobus Gerber and Jerry Pillay (South Africa), Setri Nyomi (Ghana), Eric Sarwar (Pakistan), Ed Gilbreath (author of Reconciliation Blues), and Karen Campbell (Northern Ireland).