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The Geography of Worship

An annotated research guide from the field of geography, exploring the relevance of place, space, and human/environment interactions for the study of worship practices.

This research guide is designed for students, teachers and scholars who are interested in studying congregational worship practices, including those in fields that have not traditionally studied worship practices extensively.



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This research guide includes the following elements:

  • An overview of the discipline of geography, with special attention to religious geographies and the geography of religion; and applications of conceptual themes in human geography—including scale, spatial analysis, place, landscape, and political ecology—to the study of worship
  • Significant publications in the past 15 years that have explored the geographies of religious practice, with annotations that explain their value
  • 6 classic works in the geography of religion and 18 classic works in geography, with annotations explaining their continuing relevance
  • Some suggestions for future research
  • A general bibliography of additional resources