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The Book of Ezekiel

A reflection on the preaching texts for the 2024 Calvin Symposium on Worship

Despite Ezekiel’s containing one of the most famous chapters in the whole Bible, many in the church are not very familiar with the prophetic book. Some of what is known about it seems mysterious and at times even bizarre. Yet Ezekiel contains truths and messages that the church today needs to know and ponder. So much of God’s pained passion for God’s people is on display in what Ezekiel is told to proclaim or sometimes literally to act out for the ancient Israelites. Ezekiel shows us God’s need to depart from Israel for a time, but also includes lyric vignettes of hope for a full restoration. The main message of hope we find in this book comes to its final and fullest fruition in the New Testament in the person of Jesus. 

The book of Ezekiel will be the preaching focus at the five primary worship services at the 2024 Symposium on Worship. In a fractured time for the worldwide church, Ezekiel’s messages of judgment but also of profound hope provide just the word the people of God need. 

Preaching Texts 

Service One: Ezekiel 1–2: The Prophetic Call and First Messages 
Service Two: Ezekiel 10–11: God’s Glory Departs from Israel 
Service Three: Ezekiel 18–25: Prophetic Words of Judgment 
Service Four: Ezekiel 37: The Valley of Dry Bones 
Service Five: Ezekiel 41: A Trickle of Ever-Growing Hope