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Solid Resources for Lively Preaching

Preachers know that unless they receive fresh input from good resources, sooner or later their weekly output in the sermon will get thinner and thinner. But where are the solid resources on which the preacher can rely? What best practices exist to enrich preaching?

In this seminar Jennifer Ackerman will discuss the vital role of peer learning to keep preachers fresh, even as she highlights a number of resources being used by the Micah Group project of peer learning groups. Neal Plantinga and Frank Thomas will also present ideas from their experience of resourcing preachers. Plantinga will speak of his role in leading the “Imaginative Reading for Creative Preaching” seminars and Thomas of his work with the “Preaching as Celebration” digital lecture series. Together the presenters will give seminar participants hands-on ideas on how to engage the resources and opportunities that are available.

Participants: Jennifer Ackerman, Cornelius Plantinga Jr., and Frank A. Thomas, moderated by Scott Hoezee