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Renewed: Come, Holy Ghost

Introducing the worship song “Come, Holy Ghost / Be Not Afraid” by Bruce Benedict and Ray Mills.

In This Episode

In this episode of Renewed, Greg Scheer introduces a worship song that is truly “Ancient-Future” as it is rooted in the past, but looks forward to the future. The original text of “Come, Holy Ghost” was written in 8th century Germany and given a new tune and refrain in 21st century Indianapolis.

Renewed: Worship songs to refresh your church’s voice
Hosted by Greg Scheer 
With Larry Figueroa, piano 


"Come, Holy Ghost/Be Not Afraid"
Words: from Veni Creator Spiritus, attr. Rhabanus Maurus (776-856), Bruce Benedict, Ray Mills, 2005, © 2006 Cardiphonia Music/Raymond G. Mills

Music: Bruce Benedict, Ray Mills, 2005, © 2006 Cardiphonia Music/Raymond G. Mills; arr. Diane Dykgraaf © 2012 Cardiphonia Music/Raymond G. Mills.

Used by permission.

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