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Renewed: Ready My Heart

What if we thought about Christ’s birth as an ongoing reality, rather than a one-time event? That’s just what Lois Shuford’s haunting Advent song “Ready My Heart” does: it helps us prepare our hearts for Christ to dwell in us every day.

In This Episode

In this episode of Renewed, Greg Scheer (host) and Larry Figueroa (piano) introduce a beautiful Advent song for your church to sing. Written by Lois Farley Shuford in 1976 and popularized by Canadian singer/songwriter Steve Bell in 1995, the song continues to speak today. This video include an introduction to the song, a discussion of its lyrics, tips on leading it musically, and links to the music.

Renewed: Worship songs to refresh your church’s voice
Hosted by Greg Scheer 
With Larry Figueroa, piano 


Words and Music: Lois Farley Shuford © 1976 Lois Farley Shuford.
Permission was granted for this video only.

For a copy of the music and to request permission to use this music in your worship service, please email Lois Farley Shuford

“Ready My Heart” appears in Worship Words: Disciplining Language for Faithful Ministry by Debra Rienstra and Ronald Rienstra (2009 Baker Academic, a division of Baker Publishing).