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Opportunities and Challenges for Pastoral Ministry in 2023

Seven pastoral leaders—pastors, reconcilers, preachers, and scholars—offer insights from their unique contexts on the greatest opportunities and challenges for ministry work now.

Szabina Sztojka on the Reformed Church in Hungary 

Pastor Szabina Sztojka describes the ethnic conflict in Hungary, especially against the Roma people, and reflects on how Reformed church leaders and congregations face both opportunities and challenges in inclusion and welcome for all. 

Lala Rasendrahasina on the Vibrancy of Youth in Madagascar 

Pastor-scholar Lala Rasendrahasina shares the opportunities and challenges in preparing the next generation for ministry in the context of Madagascar. 

Brianna K. Parker on the Case for Data and the Church 

Preacher-scholar Brianna K. Parker reflects on the opportunities and challenges pastoral leaders face regarding data on worship practices and on how asking good questions and commissioning good research can be beneficial. 

Jeremy Begbie on the Unity of the Church in Worship 

Theologian Jeremy Begbie notes how the unity of the church in worship is a central opportunity and enduring challenge facing the church today.  

Latasha Morrison on Discipling to Oneness, Not Sameness 

Author Latasha Morrison reflects on opportunities and challenges churches face in healing, equity, and reconciliation, specifically through the lens of discipleship and spiritual transformation. 

Te-Li Lau on the Cultivation of Emotions in Worship 

Professor Te-Li Lau reflects on the opportunity and challenge of cultivating and nurturing godly emotions in public worship and connecting them to scripture. 

Rolanda L. Ward on Lamentations for the Practice of Faith 

Professor Rolanda L. Ward challenges communities of faith to pause and consider the harm in our world and the role lamentation has in helping us work through these tragedies in everyday living.