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Neither Death, Nor Life

The virtual choir from Worship Symposium 2021 singing Marty Haugen's "Neither Death, Nor Life" in English, Korean, Cantonese, Spanish, and Indonesian.


Stanza 1 in English: Elizabeth Canfield, Ivan Manoraj, Luke DeVries
Stanza 2 in Korean: Sa El Lee
Stanza 3 in Cantonese: Yvette Lau
Stanza 4 in Spanish: Carlos Lemagne
Stanza 5 in Indonesian: Cindy Tuna


Piano: Marty Haugen
Percussion: Glen Okonoski
Guitar: Tom Good and Kevin Panepento
Bass Guitar: Jay Round


Glen Okonoski and Jay Round


Text and Music: Romans 8; Marty Haugen © 2001 GIA Publications, Inc.; Korean tr. Chan Gyu Jang; Cantonese tr. Yvette Lau; Spanish tr. Ron Krisman and María Eugenia Cornou; Indonesian tr. Ester Widiasih All rights reserved. A-703303.