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Imagining Multiple Models of Ministry with Youth

A blog and video series featuring a variety of perspectives on multiple models of ministry with youth.

In the series Imagining Multiple Models of Ministry with Youth, pastoral leaders from a range of Christian traditions and denominations reflect on their ministry work with and for youth through the lens of several key values: youth agency, theological questions, role of parents and families, intergenerational relationships, and multiple pathways. In our work with worshiping communities across North America, the topic of youth participation and formation is a central concern. Worship and youth ministry may be distinct areas of focus for congregations, parishes and ministries, but ideally they are never separated. We are deeply grateful for the opportunity to listen and learn from perceptive leaders in many different denominational and cultural contexts about what they are learning about these key values and points of connection. 



Video interviews hosted by Elizabeth Tamez Méndez:

Blogs and Conversations:

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