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Heartsongs for Good Friday and Easter

The death and resurrection of Jesus Christ is at the center of Christian faith, life, and worship. Every Good Friday and Easters, Christians from all over the world gather in remarkably different contexts to tell this story—and sing about what it means for us and the world God loves.

During this session, panelists will be asked to choose two songs from their ministry context which unpack the significant of Jesus’ death and resurrection—songs which are deeply loved and that poignantly express the meaning of these events. Come to discover some new songs that you will want to sing, to glimpse the beauty of Christ’s church in variety of ministry contexts, and to see again the power and beauty of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Participants: Robert J. Batastini, Judith Laoyan-Mosomos, Swee Hong Lim, Emmett G. Price III, and Raymond Wise, moderated by John D. Witvliet