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Emerging research on worship practices and public witness

A panel of teacher-scholars with research projects focused on worship and public witness share the fruits of their research, with a special focus on the implications of their research for worshiping communities.

This panel, moderated by John Witvliet, was part of the 2021 Virtual Vital Worship Grants Event. Panelists received Vital Worship Grants from CICW to do research that serves worshiping communities by strengthening Christian public worship practices. Panelists are listed below with a brief description of their research project, can be found below.


  • Andrew Wymer and Kristen Daley Mosier (Garrett Evangelical Theological Seminary)   
    To engage the baptismal practices of diverse Christian communities in regions impacted by toxic water, and to construct a theoretical and practical vision of baptismal solidarity for the broader Church. 
  • Marjorie Snipes (University of West Georgia)  
    To examine a diverse range of Christian churches in the rural South and identify newly-emerging ecumenical practices, including shifts in ritual practice, educational activities, and cooperation in joint mission. 
  • Lis Valle (McCormick Theological Seminary) 
    To analyze digitally mediated worship and preaching practices as they relate to the embodied experience, presence, and active participation from the perspectives of the worshipers.