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Best Contemporary Worship Music You May Not Know

In the age of the internet, we all have access to hundreds of thousands of songs. Hundreds more are written each week. There are dozens of remarkable songs written that are biblically faithful, musically excellent, theologically robust, liturgically fitting, and singable by ordinary people—but they can be hard to find!

For this session, we have asked a group of resourceful, imaginative leaders to search the globe for fabulous examples of songs to sing, and to share with us not only songs to try back home, but better ways of finding them, for in this internet age, we are all “curators.” Come to sharpen your powers of discernment.

Participants: David M. Bailey, Bruce Benedict, Zac Hicks, Emmett G. Price III, Wen Reagan, and Sandra Maria Van Opstal, moderated by Monique Ingalls