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A Prayer for the Grieving

A prayer during COVID-19 written by Cornelius Plantinga, Jr.

Great God, redeemer of the lost and blind, you cut through the armor of cruel men. You get them in the heart and save them. You saved John Newton, a slaver. You changed his heart so profoundly that what poured from it was a hymn of amazing grace. He was lost, but you found him. He was blind, but you healed him. He had come through many dangers, toils, and snares, but you led him home through Jesus Christ.

Compassionate God, somewhere today a wife will get injured, or a husband will die. Somewhere today a plant will close, and scores of people will lose their job. Somewhere today, a faithful mother will lament that her children have turned their backs on her. Somewhere today people will grieve over their poverty, over the diminishments of aging, over their poor judgment that led to a tragic mistake, over family estrangements, bad marriages, or divorce.

Gracious God, this was to have been a time for graduation celebrations. Students were to march across stages, receive diplomas, receive congratulations, go to graduation parties. But COVID-19 has shut nearly all of it down. This is so hard for so many, but especially for those who are the first from their extended family to graduate. Families would have been so proud. But now . . .

Comfort the grieving, good God. Bless them and keep them and cause your faith to shine on them, for Jesus’ sake. Amen.