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A Choral Reading Prayer for the Nations

This choral reading prayer is based on Psalm 87. It is arranged for SAB readers and has 4 solos.

A Prayer for the Nations

ALL: Glorious things are spoken of you,

SOPRANO: God, the source of all springs.

SOPRANO, BARITONE: Our names are known by you and recorded in your book.

ALTO: Your blessing was pronounced on all families

ALTO, BARITONE: through your servant Abraham, and

ALL: you have established a home for all of us.

We pray, O God,

ONE: for all the nations of the earth,

ONE, TWO: lands physically separated by geography

TWO: —peoples divided by language, culture, custom, and color—

ONE, TWO: yet united as your children.

ALL: As of old you claimed your people from all lands and nations

THREE: —from Egypt and Babylon, Philistia and Ethopia—

FOUR: even so, look with mercy upon your church in this land and in every nation.

THREE, FOUR: Guide us in your ways of justice and peace.

ALL: We call upon you

SOPRANO: —from every tribe and every nation,

SOPRANO, ALTO: in every tongue and language,

ALL: joining our voices together in song proclaiming all our springs are in you. Amen.

Based on Psalm 87, Melissa Haupt, 2011 © Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-Share Alike