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Writing Content for Congregations

The written communication of your congregation has great potential to bless members, newcomers, and the community. Your congregation has unique stories of the love and care of God. It is worth your while to evaluate and tweak current church content and write new materials. Doing so will help people grow together in becoming more like Christ.

Your congregation’s written communications have great potential to bless members, newcomers, and the community. Your congregation has unique stories of God’s love and care. That’s why it’s worth your while to evaluate and tweak current church content and write new materials. Doing so will help people grow together in becoming more like Christ.

Key Insights

1. Ask who, what, and why before you ask how and when. who is the audience of your written communication? What do you hope they know, feel, or do after reading it? Now explore whether your delivery strategy is working.

2. See your congregation’s print and online content through others’ eyes. Ask friends who don’t know your church to skim your bulletin, newsletter, website, newspaper ad, and outdoor signs—and then have them describe your congregation. Create a simple survey to ask people at church how they learn about what’s going on at church. What kinds of communication would help them participate more deeply in worship or connect better with each other and God?

3. Invite many people into communications team conversations. Shared vision is crucial, so your communications team should include a staff member with decision-making authority. Ask good questions. Listen well. Pray together about what you’re hearing.

4. Build on what God has blessed you with. Weekly bulletins and monthly newsletters work well in many churches. Some congregations are heavy into texting and social media. But if you have lots of people who don’t read well, you might try asking everyone to bring their calendars to church each time they come. Or hand out preprinted weekly or monthly calendars to post on refrigerators or use as Bible bookmarks.


The christian writers manual of style.jpg The Christian Writer’s Manual of Style: Updated and Expanded (Zondervan, 2004)

by Robert Hudson
This guide is a great help when you wonder which religious terms to capitalize or you want to root out religious jargon that many people don’t understand.

The mercifully brief.jpgThe Mercifully Brief, Real World Guide to... Raising More Money With Newsletters Than You Ever Thought Possible (Emerson & Church, 2005)

by Tom Ahern
Even though fundraising isn't your congregation's main purpose, this book deserves your attention. Its clear advice will help you write newsletters that inform and inspire your congregation.

Tell it like it is.jpg Tell It Like It Is: Reclaiming the Practice of Testimony  (Alban Institute, 2005)

by Lillian Daniel
Read this for ideas on what to ask before you niterview someone whosestory will be shared in your church newsletter or on your website.

Outspoken conversations on church communications.jpgOutspoken: Conversations on Church Communication (CreateSpace, 2001)

by Tim Schraeder
More than 60 church communications experts contributed to this book. They explain how to use the web and new media to connect people to the gospel message.

Less clutter less noise.jpgLess Clutter. Less Noise.: Beyond Bulletins, Brochures and Bake Sales (thirty: one press, 2009)

by Kem Meyer
Kem Meyer, communications director at Granger Community Church in Indiana, zeroes in on how churches can communicate clearly and simply.

Reaching out in a networked world.jpg Reaching Out in a Networked World: Expressing Your Congregation's Heart and Soul  (Alban Institute, 2008)

by Lynne M. Baab
Baab draws on her experience as an editor, pastor, and professor to help church communicators shift from only words to words and images. This book includes an excellent communications audit template.


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