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Worship with Singapore Bible College in Singapore

This service takes place at Singapore Bible College in Singapore.

A worship service from the 2021 online Calvin Symposium on Worship. 

Institution Name: Singapore Bible College 


Worship Leader: Joseph Lee
Narration and Scripture Readers: Joseph Lee, Mary Grace Adriano
Lament Prayer: Joel Navarro, Virginia Soo Tsai
Soloists: B Dau Nyai ,Benjamin Wu, Beverly Shangkuan-Cheng, Eudenice Palarvan, Joseph Lee, Natalie Megan Cheng, Senlilo Yanthan
Dance: Ann Palarvan
Music Arrangements: B Dau Nyoi, Dan Forrest, Mharhomo Kithan, Tony Clayton Chang, Virginia Soo Tsai
Call to Worship: Aprilia Wismanami, B Dau Nyoi, Eudenice Palaruan, Jovan Paul, Chirakkarottu, Kevichuno Soukhrie, Moses Lee, Sheila Ong, Sila Sethsophonkul, Thandar Aung Kyaw Soe, Zhang Yue
Choir Keyboardist: Kiew chieh Sing Evelyn
Choir: Ana Christiany, B Dau Nyoi, Blessing Tamai Oo, Toh Han Yi, Illiza Yeptho, Kevichuno Soukhrie, Mharhomo Kithan, Eudenice Palaruan
AV Editor: Aria Prasetya
Worship Design and Coordination: Eudencie Palaruan, Joseph Lee, Joel Navarro, Myrleen Grace Yup, Virginia Tsai

Location: Singpore 



Come, People of the Risen King
Text and Music: Keith Getty, Kristyn Getty, and Stuart Townend, arr. Tony Chong © 2007 ThankYou Music
Used by permission. CCLI #400063.

God of the Deep
Text: Eileen Berry © 2015 Beckenhorst Press
Music: Dan Forrest © 2015 Beckenhorst Press
Used by permission. CCLI #400063.

Lord of the Small
Text: Joanna Anderson © 2010 Beckhorst Press
Music: Dan Forrest © 2010 Beckenhorst Press
Used by permission. CCLI #400063.

God Is So Good
Text and Music: Rick Altizer © 2007 Fuseic Music Publishing, admin. Peer Music
Used by permission. CCLI #400063.

What God Ordains Is Always Good
Text: Samuel Rodigast; tr. The Lutheran Hymnal, 1941
Muisc: Servus Gastorius; arr. Virginia Soo Tsai and Mharhomo Kithan
Used by permission

“Hallelujah to the Lamb”
Text and Music: Debbye Graafsma, Don Moen © 1997 Integrity’s Hosanna! music, admin. by Capitol CMG Publishing, integrity Music, David C. Cook
Used by permission. CCLI #400063


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