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The Gospel, Christ, Spiritual Disciplines, and Personal Transformation: Examing Dallas Willard's Account in Light of the Biblical Vision of Salvation

2020 Calvin Symposium on Worship | Workshop

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This workshop distills and examines several major features of Dallas Willard’s paradigm-shifting explanation of the logic of salvation according to Scripture as set forth in his magnum opus, The Divine Conspiracy. His exposition of salvation clarifies, reframes, and reconnects key biblical teachings about the triune God and the nature of the kingdom of God as ultimate reality; the person and work of Jesus Christ; and the ramifications of the gospel for a full personal appropriation of salvation via discipleship to Jesus, with particular reference to spiritual disciplines. This workshop considers some of the ways that Willard’s expansive account offers correctives and a more adequate, practicable, and effective alternative to the various axiomatic theological explanations and practical strategies currently offered in Christian academic, churchly, and popular circles.