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Sing to the Lord: A Service of Song

2019 Calvin Symposium on Worship | Vesper


Sing to the Lord: A Service of Song 

Pre-service Singing

Votum and Greeting

Song: “God of Love and Faithfulness”

The Lord’s Prayer

Confession of Faith: “My Help Comes from the Lord”                           Psalm 121

Scripture Reading: 2 Samuel 12:1–10
Song: “Whiter than Snow”                                                                           Psalm 51

Prayer: Psalm 86:1–5
Song: “Teach Me, Lord”                                                                               Psalm 86

Scripture Reading: Psalm 119:10–12
Song: “Happy Are Those”                                                                          Psalm 119

Scripture Reading: Psalm 25:4–5
Song: “Lord, to You My Soul Is Lifted”                                                       Psalm 25

Scripture Reading: Matthew 5:6–9
Song: “Prayer for the King”                                                                         Psalm 72

Scripture Reading: Psalm 51:15
Song: “Bless the Lord, My Soul”                                                               Psalm 103

Song: “How Good It Is”                                                                              Psalm 133

Blessing: Psalm 5:11–12
Song: “Come, All You Servants of the Lord”                                            Psalm 134

We are grateful for the planning and leading of this service by The Psalm Project and Laura de Jong.


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