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Seven Streams of 21st Century Congregational Song

Skills for leading people in song in a musically multilingual world

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Lead Presenter C. Michael Hawn, with contributions from James Abbington, William Heard, Jorge Lockward, Emmett Price and the Hampton Church Academy alumni, Martin Tel, and the Princeton Seminary Choir

The last forty years has not only featured a profusion of new congregational songs, but also a profusion in new types and styles of congregational song. Musicians are increasingly called to be adept at leading quite different types of songs—as well as working collaboratively to empower others to do so. This seminar will present a clear, vivid description of seven streams of congregational song, and provide practical tools and examples for the unique kinds of leadership skills needed for music in each stream to enliven singing in your community. 

The audio file is from the afternoon session of the seminar.