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Resource Guide for Worship and Intergenerational Ministry with Youth

Public worship and congregational ministries shape the practices of Christian congregations and are a powerful means to strengthen intergenerational worshiping communities for their formative role in the lives of all churchgoers, including youth and the ministries that support and enrich their religious and spiritual lives.

The following resources encourage faith communities to expand beyond the youth group model and more fully consider multiple pathways that engage youth and are attentive to their changing experiences and formation in the Christian life.  

At the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship, we are compelled by resources that explore the following keywords and themes: 

  • intergenerational community
  • apprenticeship/mentorship 
  • 'multiple pathways'--opportunities to learn with and from youth in each and every aspect of congregational life (including outside-the-box ways)  
  • universal design and inclusion across the ability-disability spectrum 
  • cultural intelligence--youth ministry attuned to cultural difference and shaped by a vision of 'beloved community in Christ' 
  • disciplined creativity--engaging multiple artforms 
  • youth agency
  • questions and theological reflection by youth
  • role of parents and families

General Resources 

 On Public Worship

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Vital Worship Grants Program 

Since 2000, Vital Worship grants have been awarded by the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship to worshiping communities and teacher-scholars in 45+ states and provinces and in 40+ denominations across the spectrum of Christian traditions, including Orthodox, Roman Catholic, Protestant, Pentecostal, and Non-Denominational communities. 

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