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Psalm 8: Oh Lord, Our Lord, How Majestic

This setting of Psalm 8 was composed and submitted by Josh Rodriguez. It is a musical response to the opening lines of this psalm.

Psalm 8


How does this psalm piece interpret the psalm? 
In the 16th century, Louis Bourgeois contributed many simple yet elegant tunes to John Calvin’s Psalter. I wrote this solo cello piece as both a personal meditation on Psalm 8 as well as a musical meditation on the Genevan Psalter’s tune for Psalm 8. “Oh Lord, our Lord, how majestic” is an invitation to ponder what the poet Gerard Manley Hopkins referred to as the “dearest freshness deep down things” of God. 

Liturgical Suggestions:

As an instrumental work that celebrates the majesty and creative power of God, it can be used as a musical response to a sermon on Psalm 8 (as a time for congregants to reflect on the preached Word) or as prelude/offertory music in a service with this theme. This work moves beyond a mere arrangement of the Genevan psalm tune to become a new work appropriate for use in a liturgical or concert setting. 

Score in PDF available:

Copyright Information:

Text and Music: Psalm 8; Josh Rodriguez, © 2016 Josh Rodriguez  
Used by permission. 
Contact: Josh Rodriguez,