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Psalm 23: Shepherd Me

This bilingual setting of Psalm 23 was written, recorded, and submitted by Josh Davis and focuses on the reality of God as pastor/shepherd of our souls.

Psalm 23


How does this psalm piece interpret the psalm? 
In Spanish, the word used for shepherd in Psalm 23 is pastorthe same word used for the pastor of a church. As the chorus is sung repeatedly in Spanish, we declare the reality that God is the pastor who cares for and guides our souls. In times when we are confronted with our own mortality, the phrase when death is near, be nearer still gives us simple words to pray. And in our increasingly multicultural world, a song that must be sung in two different languages helps us embrace the unity and diversity of Gods flock. 

Liturgical Suggestions:

This song could be sung during a time of reflection. The chorus in Spanish is very singable and easy for non-Spanish-speakers to learn.

Score in PDF available:

Copyright Information:

Text and Music: Psalm 23; Josh Davis, © 2019 Josh Davis  
Used by permission.  
Contact: Josh Davis,