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Psalm 19: For Baritone and Piano

This setting of Psalm 19 was submitted by composer Delvyn Case and performed by baritone Andrew White. It presents the first half of the psalm in a way that emphasizes a humble response to the glory of God’s creation.

Psalm 19


How does this psalm piece interpret the psalm? 
Unlike the more famous setting of this psalm (the chorus The Heavens Are Telling from Haydn's oratorio The Creation), this piece is quiet and reflective. It seeks to capture the humility and awe of the psalmist looking to the heavens and realizing just how small he is and how marvelous and mysterious Gods creation is. The psalm itself says that the heavens speak in a language that no one can hearessentially, the heavens do not speak audibly, yet their silence is testimony to a transcendent glory that is best experienced in the stillness of ones heart. This is the reason for this quiet and intimate musical interpretation. 

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Liturgical Suggestions:

This piece may be performed by a solo singer as a special anthem appropriate as a sermon reflection or a preparation for Communion. It would fit well with worship celebrations focusing on the glory of Gods creation. 

Copyright Information:

Music: Delvyn Case, © Delvyn Case  
Contact: Delvyn Case, 


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