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Psalm 148: Let All the Heavens

This expression of Psalm 148 was submitted by Ed Willmington, who wrote it with Clayton J. Schmit. The nature of Psalm 148 is total exuberance as all of nature offers praise to God.

Psalm 148


How does this psalm piece interpret the psalm? 
Originally composed for the Lausanne Congress in Cape Town, South Africa, “Let All the Heavens” was created to include drummers, dancers, choir, orchestra, and children, with a repeatable congregational refrain. Liturgically it served as the psalm reading in an Anglican African liturgy. Because the psalm speaks of the whole creation praising God, it seemed that to gather as many resources as possible was appropriate to interpret the psalm. 

Liturgical Suggestions:

It could serve as the psalm reading in the liturgy and could also function as an effective Call to Praise. 

Copyright Information:

Text and Music: Psalm 148Ed Willmington, © 2010 Jubal House Publications  
Used by permission.  
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