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Psalm 131: Be Quiet, My Soul

This setting of Psalm 131 was written, recorded, and submitted by Josh Davis and focuses on the practice of quieting the soul.

Psalm 131


How does this psalm piece interpret the psalm? 
In our extremely busy world, we are easily concerned with too many matters on a daily basis. It is vital that we learn to quiet our souls as the psalmist talks about and that we let go of things that are too lofty for us. 

Liturgical Suggestions:

Often our songs during corporate worship are directed to God or to one another; in the psalms, many times the songs are directed to the psalmists own soul. This simple, singable song gives us a chance to sing a lullaby over our own souls and is a wonderful lead-in to a time of silence. 

Score in PDF available:

Copyright Information:

Text and Music: Psalm 131Josh Davis, © 2019 Josh Davis  
Used by permission.  
Contact: Josh Davis,