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Psalm 117: Praise the Lord, All Nations

This is a word-for-word musical setting of Psalm 117 - NASB - written by Mary Rose Jensen. Included are an MP3 with vocalist Debby McElroy and a PDF from the songbook “Songs of Joy.” Text from the New American Standard Bible used with permission from The Lockman Foundation.

Psalm 117


How does this psalm piece interpret the psalm? 
Praise the Lord, All Nations is from the childrens project Songs of Joy. It was written as a childrens singalong or choir anthem which could include a second part. It is now being used in Sunday morning worship, including as a gradual during Epiphany. It is a way to teach children a psalm and to give a prayer of praise. 

Liturgical Suggestions:

In childrens ministry (Sunday school, school, choir) or in Sunday morning worship. Suitable for teaching a large group a psalm or for singing an easy two-part harmony or a round (for singing around a campfire, e.g.). 

Score in PDF available:

Copyright Information:

Text: Psalm 117, New American Standard Bible, © 2020, The Lockman Foundation  
Music: Mary Rose Jensen, © 1991, Garden Rose Music  
Used by permission. 
Contact for text: 
Contact for Music: Garden Rose Music, P.O. Box 16040, Sugar Land, TX, 77496,