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Pondok Kemuliaan - Slideshow

A slideshow of worship in Hawai, Jayapura.


Pondok Kemuliaan (Glory Hut) began as a rehabilitation ministry to young highland Papuans who had migrated to the coastal city of Jayapura. Worship at The Glory Hut is charismatic, with a focus on spiritual development and deliverance ministries. Young Papuan newcomers to the urban center of Jayapura are faced with significant challenges. They have moved from traditional highland villages to a modern city, with new kinds of temptations. Some young Papuans have gotten involved with alcoholism, prostitution, and glue-sniffing. The Glory Hut began as a ministry focusing on young Papuans whose lives needed mending. The therapeutic 12-step method popularized by Alcoholics Anonymous has been translated into Indonesian and is utilized as a tool for transformation. Today The Glory Hut continues its ministry focus on troubled youth, but many people from the wider community find hope through its worship, fellowship, and uplifting sermons.

The front stage at The Glory Hut is simple. There are no altars or podiums. This simple worship space communicates a message to the congregation: worship in part is an unmediated relationship to God. There is no sense the space in front of the congregation has any special significance.


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