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Philippians 2: Christian Unity by Self-Sacrifice

2019 Calvin Symposium on Worship | Workshop


What does Paul mean when he says "count others as more significant than yourselves" in Philippians 2:3? In the modern culture of self-actualization, doesn't this sound like self-denigration? Even more significantly, how precisely can we as Christians demonstrate this mindset, particularly, in the context of Sunday worship? How does this affect one of the critical components of service--the proclamation of the word? This presentation explores the necessity of self-sacrifice in the process of proclaiming and hearing the word, as well as the implications for preparation prior to that proclamation and consequence of ethics and disposition post proclamation. What self-sacrifice is required prior to proclamation for either the pastor or laity and what self-sacrifice results in light of the sermon? The Christ-like mindset of self-emptying will be explored from several dimensions of community life, especially in light of the centrality of God's word on Sunday morning.

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