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Miranda Dodson on Worship Music

Maybe you heard her song “Try Again” on the TV drama Parenthood or NPR’s Morning Edition.

Miranda Dodson is also the worship and arts director at City Life Church in Austin, Texas. She’ll lead workshops and worship at the 2015 Calvin Symposium on Worship.

Which of your newer songs will be in your symposium vespers service?

We’ll sing “Divine Love” and “Apostles’ Creed” from Ascend. Both draw our attention to the Triune God.

What’s changed most in how you define, plan or lead congregational worship?

For too long I led songs I liked that best fit my voice. God’s grace led us to a church where friends helped free me from the idol of performance and fear of man. I now plan through prayer and conversation with our preaching pastors to choose songs and readings that center on Christ and enhance the message.

How has that change influenced the music you write or choose for worship?

As a worship leader and recording artist, I hope to write and lead from a humble place—and move us in the direction of our beautiful, holy, mysterious, deep and accessible God.

Listen to Miranda Dodson on NPR (3:40). Register for her 2015 Calvin Symposium on Worship workshops or attend the vespers service she’ll lead on the beauty of Christ.