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Mennonite Church USA Worship Snapshot

A denominational guide to worship resources

The Mennonite Church grew out of the 16th century Swiss Brethren and was named for Menno Simons, one of their Dutch leaders. It is the largest and oldest of the Mennonite bodies in North America. Many other U.S. Mennonite groups derive from it. Organization within the church was slow since each congregation tended to be autonomous.

Official Documents on Worship

  • N/A

Key Worship Resources

  • Minister’s Manual, Harold Press, 1990

Denominational Hymnals

  • Philharmonia, Mennonite Publishing Co., 1875
  • New Harmonia Sacra, Mennonite Publishing House, 1915
  • Life Songs, Mennonite Publishing House, 1916, 1938
  • Songs of the Church, Mennonite Publishing House, 1953
  • The Mennonite Hymnal, Faith and Life Press, Herald Press, 1969
  • Christian Hymnary, Christian Hymnary Publishers, 1971
  • Sing and Rejoice! Herald Press, 1979
  • Hymnal: A Worship Book, Mennonite Brethren Publishing 1992
  • Sing the Journey, Faith and Life Resources, 2005
  • Sing the Story, Herald Press, 2007

General Background and Statistics

Website: Mennonite Church USA
Associations: Mennonite World Conference
Origin: 1525
Mergers: General Conference Mennonite Church, 2001
Separated from: N/A
Separations: Church of God in Christ, Mennonite, 1859; Old Order Mennonite Church, 1870; Reformed Mennonite Church, 1812
College: Goshen College, IN; Bluffton University, OH; Bethel College, KS; Eastern Mennonite University, VA; Hesston College, KS
Seminary: Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Seminary, IN; Eastern Mennonite Seminary, VA
Congregations: 920 (Association of Religion Data Archives)
Members: 104, 684 (Association of Religion Data Archives)
Publication(s): On the Way, The Mennonite
Denominational Offices:

                3145 Benham Ave., Suite 1
                Elkhart, Indiana 46517

                718 N. Main St.
                Newton, Kansas 67114-1703

                1251 Virginia Ave.
                Harrisonburg, Virginia 22802



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