Maundy Thursday reflection from 'When God Speaks Through Worship'

A reflection on Maundy Thursday from Craig Satterlee’s book When God Speaks Through Worship.

An excerpt of Craig Satterlee’s book When God Speaks Through Worship, one of our publications:

During the years when they did not have their own pastor, the people of St. Timothy's became ingenious at finding ways to celebrate church holidays. On Maundy Thursday the congregation held what it called an "agape feast." Loosely based on the Jewish Seder meal, the worship service was a church supper that included readings from Scripture by members of the congregation. Toward the end of the meal, a neighboring pastor would arrive, after leading worship at his or her own church, so that the congregation could have Holy Communion. On my first Maundy Thursday in the parish, I recall that the major question when planning the service was whether to serve corn dogs or pot roast (we decided on pot roast) and that we had to interrupt the Scripture readings for a brief intermission to refrigerate the mayonnaise dishes. I went away from the service genuinely amazed; it truly was a love feast.

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