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Marsha VanderLaan - Fabric and Acrylics

A biography of liturgical banner artist Marsha VanderLaan.

Marsha is a member of Hillcrest Christian Reformed Church in Hudsonville, Michigan. She taught school for a number of years and has always had a love of fabric. Marsha says: “The design process usually begins with a request from the worship committee for a banner relating to a specific time of the year, a specific event or a sermon theme or series. I have learned over time what works and what doesn’t. Each fabric behaves a little differently so it is a constant challenge to make the image in my mind match the one in my work room. I enjoy the process and am totally absorbed by it. When the banner finally is hung in church, I pray that it visually enhances the worship experience for church members and speaks to greater understanding of the God we all serve.”


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