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James Quentin Young - Sculpture, Mixed Media

A biography of sculptor James Quentin Young.

My journey in art as of late has been to rescue objects from dumps, dumpsters, streets, and shorelines. Now I am drawn to garage sales, estates sales, antique auctions, and antique stores.

Almost all of the materials used in these works were not altered in any way. However, purists of “found object art” should find that some of these surfaces have been altered, mainly through thin color washes of paint, and hammered metal.

These series of crosses are in reaction to the beautified gold and silver crosses. It is my intention that the viewer would reflect back upon the original wooden cross.

Since the crucifixion was located at Golgotha, the town garbage dump, the Roman rulers might have used discarded wood to form their crosses.

I have created crosses that portray Christ’s love for the discarded and rejected people of society. The wood and metal items that I use represent these rejected people.

I do believe that I have been guided by the Holy Spirit to create these works. Their appeal to many is not of my doing.