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Guitar Course

This course teaches the fundamentals of guitar-playing to those worship leaders with little or no experience. It started with simple chords, because most guitarists in praise bands and pop music focus on playing chords, and then moves on to more difficult techniques.

Course Syllabus

Course Objective:

The student will learn the rudiments of guitar playing, including open and barre chords, strumming and picking patterns, and basic music and tablature reading. The course will provide the student with the skills necessary to accompany singing at the guitar and give a solid foundation for future growth in guitar playing.

Required Text:
Phillips, Mark and Jon Chappell, Guitar for Dummies. Foster City, CA: IDG Books, 1998.

Note: The tests and exam will have both written and playing components.


  1. Introduction to Guitar Class
    Syllabus; Tuning, Posture, E Chord
    Read: Introduction and Chapter 1-3
  2. A Family Chords
    Read: 41-45
    Practice: Kumbaya, p54
  3. D and G Family Chords
    Read: 45-49
    Practice: Swing Low, p55; Auld Lang Syne, p56
  4. C Family Chords & The “Oldies” Progression
    Read: 49-52; 58-59
    Practice: Michael Row, p57; Oldies in C & G
  5. Test #1
  6. Music Reading
    Read: 323-332
  7. Tablature, Left-Hand Fingering, Picking
    Read: 61-67
    Practice: Little Brown Jug, p68; Smokey, p69
  8. Review
    Practice: Swanee River, p70
  9. Test #2
  10. Dominant 7 Chords
    Read: 71-74; 84-85
    Practice: Over the River, p81
    12 Bar Blues, p84 (extra credit for writing and singing lyrics)
  11. Minor and Major 7 Chords
    Read: 75-77
    Practice: It’s Raining, p82; Oh Susanna, p83
  12. E Barre Chords
    Read: 105-113
    Practice: All examples shown in text
  13. A Barre and Power Chords
    Read: 113-124
    Practice: We Wish You a Merry Christmas, p126
  14. Test #3
  15. Fingerstyle
    Read: 209-224
    Practice: The 2 Patterns on p215; The Lullaby Pattern;
    and Simple Thumb-Brush
  16. Final Exam