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God’s Glory Departs from Israel

Led in Korean and English by the Woodlawn Christian Reformed Church Choir, directed by Chan Gyu Jang; the Living Water Church Worship Team, directed by Yohan Lee; and members of the Calvin University and Calvin Theological Seminary Korean communities. Anne Zaki will preach on Ezekiel 10–11, “God’s Glory Departs from Israel.”

Order of Worship

Song of Preparation: “I Will Worship You” / “예배합니다”
Text and Music: Rose Park, 1997; English translation Ho-ki Min © 2005 Sea of Hope / WorshipChanmi Korea
Used by permission. CCLI #400063. 

Introit: “Joo-yeo, Come, O Lord” / 주여, 우리에게 오시어
Words: Book of Common Prayer, Anglican Church of Korea, 1994, rev. 2004; Eng. trans. Martin Tel, 2023
Music: Sunlac Noh; arr. Hyunji Kim, 2021
Used by permission. 

Call to Worship: Psalm 121 

Song: “In the Shade of God (Psalm 121)” /하나님은 너를 지키시는 (시편 121)
Words: based on Psalm 121, Seong Sil Chung ©; Eng. trans. Adam M. L. Tice, 2019; © 2023 GIA Publications, Inc.
Music: Seong Sil Chung
All rights reserved. A-703303. 

Call to Confession and Prayer of Confession 

Song: “God of My Hope” / 은혜임을
Text and Music: Sun-kyung Jeong and Jin-young Soh © 2014 Kwangsoo Media; English translation Martin Tel, 2023
Used by permission. CCLI #400063. 

Assurance of Pardon  

Based on 1 Timothy 1:15-17

Prayers of the People with “Never-Ending Is God’s Love” / 우리에게 향하신
Words and Music: Jin-ho Kim, based on Psalm 117:2 © admin. KOMCA; harm. Chan Gyu Jang, 2023
Used by permission. CCLI #400063. 

Prayer for Illumination 

Scripture Reading: Ezekiel 10–11 



Song: “Rise, My Soul, till Jesus Comes Again” / “주님 다시 오실 때까지
Text and Music: Hyeong-won Koh, 2004 © 2004 Hyeong-won Koh, admin. KCMCA; English translation Martin Tel, 2023
Used by permission. CCLI #400063.