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Complementary Approaches for Music: Printed, Projected and Orally Taught

Some congregations and worshiping communities sing songs from printed notation, others from projected text and lyrics, others from projected text, and others that are led orally, without anything printed.

Over the years, we at the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship have noticed congregations rethinking how to best lead and encourage vibrant, congregational song in worship.

Some churches that project everything have rediscovered the value of printing some things, as a way to encouraging singing with harmony or with greater introspection. Some churches that sing from only printed sources have discovered the value of projecting some things, as a way to encourage hands free singing. Churches of all kinds are learning to find good ways to assist worshipers with vision loss, who often are not able to read small print or see items projected on distant screens.

How is your worshiping community leading song? Feel free to leave a comment or send us an email.

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