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Bethlehem Bible College - Slideshow

A look at worship on the campus of Bethlehem Bible College.

Bethlehem Bible College (BBC) was founded in 1979 by local Christian Arabs for the purpose of training young Christian Palestinians for church leadership. BBC seeks to nurture faith, hope and love among its students by providing them a Biblical education with which to influence conscientious and humane social actions within their community and the world.

Since its founding in 1979, BBC has made tremendous strides forward. In September of 1990, BBC moved to its new home, the former Bible Lands Society buildings on Hebron Road. Since then, they have added a public library, a community center and a college guest house able to accommodate up to 30 people. Recently, BBC purchased an adjacent piece of land, and architectural plans are now underway to build a much needed new student center. They anticipate creating permanent jobs for over one hundred people in this new center.

With their extension campuses in Gaza and Nazareth, BBC enrolls a total of 135 students from all denominations, and offers courses from an outstanding faculty, combining high academic standards with deep spiritual commitment to Christ. Their mission statement is:

“Bethlehem Bible College seeks to train and prepare Christian servant leaders for the churches and society within an Arab context, who model Christ centeredness, godly humility, Biblical wholeness, creative mercy and justice in their jobs and ministries as life-long learners.”

The Mass Media Department of BBC broadcasts a TV program on Bethlehem television airing twice weekly, as well as produces regular programming for SAT7, an Arabic-speaking satellite station for the Middle East.

The Shepherd Society is the humanitarian arm of BBC. They are a hopeful presence in their community through providing medical assistance, food distribution, opportunities for employment, and giving away 500 school bags to local school children. The society recently joined efforts with the local Arabic Rehabilitation Hospital in Beit Jala to open an Ear, Nose and Throat Clinic by providing all the equipment and the salary of the specialist doctor. BBC also sponsors a number of ministries to the surrounding community such as a child-care center, Sunday-school classes, and Bible study groups. Students also provide church services and Sunday-school classes for children at a nearby orphanage. God has blessed BBC with many gifted young men and women who are committed to bring a message of hope and salvation in a region where more than one million people live under the poverty level.


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