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An Ascension Day and Pentecost Virtual Roundtable

Six pastors reflect on two events that make all the difference for the Christian church

Ascension Day and Pentecost are major events in the life of the Christian church. We confess the truth of Jesus’ ascension and the coming of the Spirit every time we repeat the words of the Apostles’or Nicene Creed. But what difference do these days make in the life of the average worshiper today? And how do Christians and churches mark these important events?

Six church leaders from various locations and worship settings responded to these two questions. Read the conversation, published by Reformed Worship and featured in the March 2015 issue. 

Participating in the conversation were

Brian Engel, pastor in Mohawk, New York
Claudette Reid, minister of worship in Bloomfield, New Jersey
John Tenyenhuis, pastor in Toronto, Ontario
Eric Sarwar, pastor from Karachi, Pakistan, currently studying in the U.S.
Karen Wilk, pastor in Edmonton, Alberta
Reggie Smith, pastor in Grand Rapids, Michigan