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A Sacramental Vision for Public Worship

2020 Calvin Symposium on Worship | Seminar

What does it mean to have a profoundly sacramental vision of reality, including the ins and outs of our ordinary lives and the places we live and work? What are the historical and theological reasons why a profoundly sacramental vision of reality has been so contested and fragile? How can a profoundly sacramental vision be reflected in and formed through ordinary worship practices? With the aim of encouraging pastors, scholars, and others who serve in places where a sacramental vision has fallen on hard times, this session featured engagement with the authors of two significant books: John Rempel’s Recapturing an Enchanted World: Ritual and Sacrament in the Free Church Tradition and Hans Boersma’s Heavenly Participation: The Weaving of a Sacramental Tapestry.