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A Lion and a Donkey are Standing on the Road: A Scripture Drama on 1 Kings 13

2020 Symposium on Worship | Vesper

This vesper worship service includes an enactment of one of the most mysterious ancient Hebrew dramas. It focuses initially on this biblical text, newly translated by Tom Boogaart. The congregation embraces the text and responds to it with music, prayer, testimony, and more scriptures.

Jeff Barker, professor of theatre from Northwestern College in Orange City, Iowa, has worked for nearly two decades alongside Tom Boogaart, professor emeritus of Western Theological Seminary in Holland, Michigan. Their long-awaited book Performing the Plays of the Bible has been released by Webber Institute Books in 2020.

Leaders of this vesper service include Jeff Barker and the Northwestern Drama Ministries Ensemble: Natalie Blackman (the king), Karsten Garwood, Kevin Griffiths (the old prophet), Corrie Hayes, Karisa Meier, Jeremiah Mitchell (the man of God from Judah), Jackson Paganini, Rebekah Stoscher, and Camila Wede.