Readings in African American Church Music and Worship, Volume 2

This volume is a vivid testimony to the value of examining the variety and dynamism of African American church music and worship from multiple, overlapping points of view, from both realist and idealist voices, with a focus on gaining wisdom.

James Abbington
GIA Publications, 2014
Cultural Diversity and Global Worship

Since the publication of the first volume of Readings in African American Church Music and Worship, public and academic interest in the music and worship in black churches has significantly increased. This second volume makes available the most recent scholarship on twenty-first-century developments and trends, through a representative number of articles, essays, and chapters written by brilliant musicians, authors, and theologians of our time. The list of contributors includes some of the finest emerging scholars, whose voices we will be hearing for years to come, as well as offerings from seasoned authors, whose research and writings are well regarded by peers and the worshiping community at large. The significant contributions—from names new and familiar—greatly broaden the field of study.

A foreward by Prof. John D. Witvliet.

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