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Studying Worship on Seminary Campuses: Personal Support

A list of helpful resources for campus ministry.

Ministry is often a lonely task.  And thus, to paraphrase Dietrich Bonhoeffer, to have contact with, and to be in community with those who understand the experience of being in worship leadership is “a source of incomparable joy and strength.” 

Those who gathered in Pasadena in late June, 2007, found this to be true.  Many expressed deep gratitude for the comfort and collegiality that came from being in the company of others who wrestled regularly with the same issues and who are passionate about the same ideals.

To help foster this sort of community on a broader (and admittedly electronic) scale, you will find here some select quotes from that gathering – bits of wisdom, tales of trials and triumph – with which you find may find resonance and encouragement, whatever your ministry context.

And in order to foster ongoing networking, you will also find a list here of those who have been part of this research project along with their email addresses and other contact information.  If you wish to be part of this ongoing project, you can add your own name to that list by sending us an email.


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