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Romans 8 and the Renewed Life of God 

We have been and are living in a time of upheaval, fear, unrest, and finally so much death. The pandemic has in many places revealed cracks in the veneer of civilization, casting into bold relief the social and economic inequities that run like fault lines through most societies. Racially motivated violence, including at the hands of police forces, have unleashed deep desires for reform and for justice for all people. In and through it all, believers everywhere cry for reassurance, for comfort, for a hope that points to a better path ahead.  

The 2021 Online Calvin Symposium on Worship is not going to look or feel like any past events as the pandemic moves us to new online platforms and events. But we still want to anchor ourselves to a text for some of our worship services, and this year Romans 8 seemed right.

Few chapters contain such soaring words of both Gospel comfort as well as Gospel hope. We have the comfort and assurance of salvation and of no condemnation in Christ, and we have the Spirit to transform us and, through us, to transform our lives and maybe even our societies in these unsettled, broken times. Nothing can separate us from the love of God, Paul shouts and sings at the end of Romans 8. And nothing can keep us from comfort, assurance, hope and yes, also joy during these difficult days.

Romans 8 Worship service broadcasts (link on title):

January 7, 11 am EST: Romans 8:1-8: No Condemnation, Mary Hulst, preaching

January 12, 8 pm EST: Romans 8:9-13: The Realm of the Spirit, Mark Labberton, preaching

January 14, 3 pm EST: Romans 8:14-17: The Children of God, Anne Zaki, preaching

January 19, 11 am EST: Romans 8:18-25: Eager Expectation, Najla Kassab, preaching

January 21, 11 am EST: Romans 8:26-30: Groaning and Working for the Good, Eric Barreto, preaching

January 26, 3 pm EST: Romans 8:31-38: In All These Things, Luke Powery, preaching

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