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Restorative Justice Prayer Request List

A list of people and situations to pray for.

For those waiting for trial
For those faced with temptation
For those facing parole boards
For those discouraged
For those facing long imprisonment
For those suffering injustice
For those recently released and trying to readjust to normal life
For those who have given up hope
For those who struggle to know the difference between right and wrong 

Families of prisoners
For children missing their parents
For families struggling to make ends meet
For parents who blame themselves or are tempted to give up
For those filled with fear or loneliness
For those feeling guilty
For those struggling to forgive 

Victims of crime and violence
For healing-both physical and mental
For those struggling to return to normal life
For those who no longer feel safe
For those who are angry
For those who need guidance to find help
For those who are struggling to forgive
For those who help victims take their lives back 

Families of victims
For those who are grieving
For those who are angry
For those who are afraid
For those who are struggling to forgive

Judges, lawyers, and lawmakers
For wisdom to make fair decisions
For compassion to remember that all people are children of God
For those struggling with apathy
For those stressed with an overwhelming sense of responsibility

Prison chaplains
For those who are struggling to know what to say
For those whose faith feels constantly challenged
For peace and strength
For compassion and renewed energy

Those who work in the prison system
For those who feel unsafe
For those who have become apathetic or discouraged
For those who work to keep the inmates safe
For those who develop programs for the inmates
For social workers and counselors who work with prisoners and their families
For patience and compassion 

Communities and neighbors
For those who feel unsafe
For those who don't know how to welcome prisoners back
For compassion for the families and friends of prisoners and victims
For relationships broken as a result of crimes
For police, security guards, and neighborhood watch groups who keep communities safe
For those who need to learn to trust again
For those who need to forgive
For those who need to be forgiven

For those we have offended both corporately and individually
For those we have made to feel excluded
For the elimination of prejudice and segregation
For justice, peace, healing and courage in all relationships
For unity across all differences


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