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Psalm 133: Miren qué bueno / Oh, Look and Wonder

This setting of Psalm 133 was submitted by Carlos Colón and was written by Pablo Sosa. It focuses on the unity when everyone dwells in harmony.

Psalm 133


This song comes to us from the church in Argentina. It was composed by Argentinian composer Pablo Sosa, a blessed memory. He left the church with many beautiful melodies. This song speaks to how good it is "when all earth's people dwell in peace together."

Liturgical Suggestions:

This song can inject some energy towards the beginning of a service or anywhere where you sing it so that in spirit and in truth we may celebrate that unity that is ours in Christ Jesus. The melody in this song is so simple that a children's choir could sing it.

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Copyright Information:

Text: Psalm 133; Pablo D. Sosa
Tune: Pablo D. Sosa
© 1972, GIA Publications, Inc.
Used by permission. All rights reserved.


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